About The DVD

Just about everybody thinks farts are the funniest thing on Earth and if they don't they know somebody who does. Well now HERO Filmworks presents a perfect addition to any fart lover 's DVD collection.

Get ready for the freakiest, squeakiest, one-cheek-sneakiest collection of “Fartacular” films ever compiled on a single DVD. From a tooting train to a collection of animated celebrity fart-offs featuring Howard Stern, Jessica Biel and many more, it’s a total blast!

And then there’s the main event:

LE PETOMANE! This mini epic is based on the true story of Le Petomane, a top entertainer at the Moulin Rouge circa 1900. His act? Producing amazing noises with his butt! Created by over 300 people and shot at Universal Studios, Writer/Director Steve Ochs mounts an over the top, full-blown historical staging that takes advantage of his subject’s ludicrous nature by presenting it as a straight drama…but it might be the funniest “drama” ever!

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